Dolphin in a cave. Yes, a cave!


100° below zero, ice and snow, as far asthe eye can see.                            You have to get through it.                                                                They don't have a taste there – bourbon,vanilla and sauerkraut.                                  There is nothing you can do...

Well, you could beopen-minded and something appears onthe horizon:                                                                a signal, a sound, the crystal krill?
Maybe ask for the way.

It's all right as long as you don't freeze now.
So always keep on rubbing, rubbing, rubbing...


Idee: Nitzsche&Hummel, Lichtprognose, die elektroschuhe, Dunkelstrom

Performance: die elektroschuhe&guests

Licht: Lichtprognose, Dunkelstrom

Musik: Nitzsche&Hummel


im Rahmen des 100Grad-Festivals 

Festsaal,SOPHIENSAELE Berlin

Sophienstr. 18,

10178 Berlin-Mitte

Tagestickets: 17/12 Euro

Booking: 030 283 52 66